The Indian Council of Medical Research estimates that air pollution caused one in eight deaths in India last year, besides lowering the average life expectancy by 1.7 years. With Indians breathing poisonous air on a daily basis, incidence of lung cancers among non smokers has been rising. As air becomes increasingly unbreathable, we need concrete action with urgency to reverse the health catastrophe it is causing.

With the core belief that good air is essential for healthy living, the Good Air Summit is an initiative by the IHW Council to find and advocate ways to ensure better quality of air and make the cities across India breathable and livable.  The forum engages various stakeholders, including policy makers, regulators, environmentalists, community leaders, influencers, and thought leaders from various industries and social sectors that directly or indirectly impact the quality of air and its impact on our health. The Good Air Summit aims to unearth preventive solutions for controlling air pollution and the challenges it poses to the country. It also aims to recognize the impact makers in the field who are putting a greater value to public and national interest by working on clean air solutions.


Our cities have practically turned into living gas chambers. Unfortunately, this issue concerns us only for a few weeks every year when the air quality is at its worst. With the availability of clean air becoming scarce, the need for finding coherent long term solutions to the pollution problem has never been more pressing. Good Air is among the most fundamental element for life but the recklessness of human activity has not only led to the deterioration of air around us but has also precipitated climate change and negatively impacted life and biodiversity on earth. We believe it is high time that we own the responsibility of cleaning up the environment and act on a war footing to prevent human race from creating apocalyptic situation on earth.


Every year, air pollution is estimated to cause 7 million deaths worldwide and 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air. With most of the Indian cities being repeatedly listed as the leading polluted cities of the world, the health of one-sixth of humanity is at grave risk. New research and findings are constantly indicating severe impact of air pollution on life and health, in addition to the larger impact on the environment.

Thought Leadership Sessions

1. The Policy and Politics for Good Air
Why isn’t the demand for good air high on political agenda for the government and opposition?
India desperately needs political intent and action to tackle air pollution challenges. It is high time India plugs the loopholes and implements a strong roadmap to tackle these challenges on a war footing.

2. Emergency Action Plan to Tackle Air Pollution: Too Little Too Late?
Only in few cities and only for some days, emergency action plan is initiated to counter air pollution, whereas most days in a year, the population is exposed to high pollution levels. How effective is the Indian emergency action plan? And is it all that we are left to do?

3. Growth or Air Pollution: Do We Have a Solution?
Being a growing economy, much industrial and development growth is yet to happen in India, with huge energy consumption patterns in the future. Unfortunately, we are at a time where growth cannot happen at the cost of environment anymore. Is there a way for India to showcase to the world sustainable eco-friendly growth?

4. The 21st Century Pollution Challenges of Making Indoor Spaces Safe
The indoor air pollution is a more imminent threat to our health than outdoor air pollution. The United Nations Environment Programme stated that the contribution of indoor air pollution in total air pollution can be as high as 52%. Also, it is estimated that indoor air pollution causes 13 lakh deaths per year in India. What are the solutions to these modern day challenges?

5. Healthcare Industry Tackling Air Pollution Challenges: A Responsibility Beyond Treatment
Even as we tackle the twin challenges of non-communicable and communicable diseases, air pollution causes an additional disease burden on our already overburdened healthcare system. It therefore becomes essential to listen to the healthcare experts on how India can avert the current crisis and build a preventive rather than a curative system.

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IHW Council is a not for profit organization that works towards creating awareness and advocacy for a healthier world. Set up in response to a strong call to bridge the gaps in preventive healthcare and environmental protection, the Council advocate’s adherence to the highest standards accepted internationally in healthcare. With the core belief that health is a human right and not only the responsibility of the individual, the Council raises pressing concerns in the healthcare fraternity and engages policy makers, key government officials, academia, industry, health care experts and civil society.  

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